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At Out of the Dog House, we know that every dog is an individual and that your relationship with your dog is special.


That is why we work with you and your dog to construct a personalized training plan specifically designed to meet your needs.


We Only Use Personalized  Training Plans

Why Choose Out of the Dog House?

We Only Train In-Home

At Out of the Dog House, we specialize in  working with you and your dog where it is most comfortable for you...your home.


Dogs learn best when they are in a familiar environment. What better place than where they spend most of their time?



  • We come to you!

  • Some problems only occur at home

  • Other problems are best handled in the home, at least at first

  • You and your dog don’t have to be in a class situation, which can be too much for some dogs

  • You get 1 on 1 attention



Contact us today for dog training in Tulsa, OK, and the surroudning areas!

We Do the Training So You Don't Have To

Our specialty is training your dog for you.


The usual model for dog training is to train you to train your dog. You wouldn't hire a plumber to come in and show you how to fix your sink. Why pay someone to show you how to train your dog.


Dog training requires patience; excellent timing; and the part we like best, endless repetition! We think the entire process is loads of fun. By letting Out of the Dog House do the training for you, you get a dog that is trained to do what you want in the real life circumstances you need. By hiring an expert, you spend less time and money to get better results.


At Out of the Dog House, we do all the training and then transfer the training to you. All you have to do is learn how to use and maintain what the dog has learned.

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