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We Train You to Train Your Dog

What you get:


  • 1 on 1 demonstration and coaching while you train your dog

  • Written homework to facilitate practice

  • Phone/email support between sessions

  • Want to do something fun with your dog

  • Like to do it yourself

  • Want to learn something new

  • Like to learn by doing

  • Intend to pursue dog training further

Your time commitment:


  • 1 hour a week for coaching session

  • 15 to 20 minutes a day practice

 Once-a-week training


After the initial consultation, the trainer meets with you and your dog once a week demonstrating and walking you through the training following your personalized plan until you feel comfortable enough to practice throughout the coming week.



How does it work?
This option is for you if you

If you're interested in learning how to train dogs or just really like the DIY project, coaching is what you need.

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