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Each package offers you:

  • Personalized training plan

  • Recommended equipment, suited to the specific problem, at cost

  • Properly fitted equipment

  • Recommended number of training sessions reserved just for you


Training Packages

Out of the Dog House is committed to your and your dog's success!


For your dog, training is like learning a musical instrument. It takes time and lots of repetition.


It is important to give the dog enough time and practice to truly learn the new behaviors. Otherwise, the new behaviors will not stick, and you will eventually be faced with the same old problems.


At Out of the Dog House we believe that it is important for both the dog and the owner to "get his/her money's worth," so we have several training packages from which to choose.


Don't see a package that meets your needs, contact us!

Training Packages offer the minimum training sessions for real success at a substantial discount!

Popular Training Packages


All training packages include an initial consultation

More packages coming soon!

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