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Trainging Packages

Crate Training $240-$360 (2-3 weeks)

What you get:

Teach your dog to love his/her crate.


Having a dog that loves his/her crate is useful if you

  • Want to travel with your dog

  • Need a safe place for you dog to stay when he/she is alone in the house

  • Need a safe place for your dog to sleep

  • Need a place to let your dog have a break

  • Need to feed your pets seperately due to garding issues

  • Are housing training your dog


Coaching is the only training option for crate and house training becasue

  • The owner does most of the training

  • Training takes place on an ongoing basis (day and night, 7 days a week)

Crate training is a skill that lasts a lifetime!


We train you to train your dog

  • Initial consultation 

  • 2-3 follow-up sessions/week as needed

  • Written instructions




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