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What you get:


One 1-hour sessions each week to transfer training and teach you how to use and maintain what your dog has learned.


Two 1-hour follow-up sessions after training is completed at 2weeks and one month.

  • Don’t have time to do it yourself

  • Would rather “leave it to the experts”

  • Need specialized help for your dog’s problems

  • Want your dog trained as quickly and efficiently as possible


This option is for you if you

We Do the Training (Day Training)

Your time commitment:
How does it work?

2 + 1 Training


After the initial consultation, the trainer meets with your dog 2-3 days a week for intensive training following your personalized plan.


On the 3rd day, the trainer meets with you and your dog to transfer the training to you.

Day Training can be done while you are at work.


Let Out of the Dog House Do the Training for You

By far the most efficient and cost effective option for training your dog, in day training, we meet 2-3 times a week with your dog for intensive training, tailoring the training to the real-life situations you need. (For example, we don't just teach the dog to lie down; we teach the dog to go to a rug, lie down, and stay there while you fix dinner.) Then, once a week, we transfer the training to you, showing you how to use and maintain what your dog has learned.

Your dog will love the reward based training. It relieves boredom, lets your dog  practice problem solving, gives your dog one-on-one attention, maintains socialization, and lets you dog engage in natural behaviors in an acceptable way.

  • Professional training by an expert

  • Transfer of training to you

  • Email/text reports between transfer session

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