Meet the Trainer

I am Carrie McDowell, owner and trainer at Out of the Dog House. I have been training dogs since 2008 when I adopted a dog from the Tulsa SPCA. My new dog and I attended a local dog school for basic manners training, following the recommendation of the Tulsa SPCA.  As soon as I watched my dog learn her new skills, I was hooked.


I volunteered teaching dog classes at local dog schools for a few years. In 2017, I graduated with honorus from the  The Academy for Dog Trainers, Jean Donaldson’s (author of Culture Clash) world-class, graduate-level dog trainer program. The curriculum is rigorous, detailed, scientifically based, and cutting edge. There is no better place to learn to be a dog trainer and to prepare for certification.


In July of 2013, I started Out of the Dog House, not only because I love training dogs, but also because I feel there is a need for reasonably priced, high quality, scientifically based, force-free, in-home dog training in Tulsa, OK, and the surrounding areas.


Meet the Trainer's Dogs

Both of my dogs, an Australian kelpie mix, Oreo, and a border collie, Robby, enjoy training with me. They have both earned their Canine Good Citizen titles. Robby earned his Agility 1 (United Kennel Club) title in 2012. I have trained both dogs in basic obedience, agility, rally, herding, and scent work, all using only positive, force-free techniques.





Using counter conditioning and desensitization,

I have trained


  • Robby to love being brushed

  • Oreo to like the cats and be less reactive to other dogs

  • Both dogs to accept baths and being blow dried

Oreo, Australian Kelpie mix.

Robby, Border Collie

Our trainer, Carrie McDowell, with border collie, Robby.




Dog training for Tulsa, OK, and the surrounding areas.

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Dog training for Tulsa, OK, and the surrounding areas.

Carrie McDowell, BS, CTC