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Training That Meets Your Needs

Which is right for me?

At Out of the Dog House we offer you different ways to train your dog.

Our trainer will train your dog, at your home, effectively and efficiently.  You don't even have to be there.


Our trainer keeps you up-to-date through weekly, one-on-one sessions, to show you how to use and maintain the training.




Our Speciality!

We work with your dog to overcome many common behavioral problems. By usning the principles of animal learning, we can help your dog overcome fear and learn to tolerate and even like body handling, having toys or food taken away, meeting new people and other dogs, visiting the vet or groomer, etc.


Behavior modification can be done by coaching or day training, depending on the behavior being modified.


We can also teach you to train your dog


Our trainer meets with you and your dog once a week at your home to work on your personalized training plan. Through demonstrations, step-by-step instruction, and written homework, you train your own dog.



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