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Out of the Dog House's Services

We believe that dog training should

  • Attend to the physical and emotional well-being of pets and people

  • Use only evidence-based, scientifically sound methods

  • Use only force-free methods

  • Be fun!

At Out of the Dog House we use reward-based training techniques grounded in science of how animals learn.


First, we find out what motivates your dog, whether food, toys, life rewards (such as sniffing objects or other dogs), paying fetch, etc.


Second, we show the dog what we want, or get him/her to guess.


Third, we reward that behavior using your dog’s specific motivator.


What gets rewarded, gets repeated.

Behavior modification is based on the science of conditioning and desensitization.


At Out of the Dog House, we use food to transform how your dog feels and reacts to things that disturb him/her.


Beginning when your dog feeling safe and relaxed, we gradually increase his/her exposure to the fearful situation, pairing it with food to slowy change fear into feelings of happy anticipation and acceptace.


We never use shock, pain, fear, or coercion to change how your dog reacts to things.


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